Light My Way 2D Platformer Pitch Document

The Concept
Light My Way is a 2D platformer, set in an ambient underground world. Players will control light and dark to solve puzzles and guide a growing sapling to the surface. Using the soft glow of a firefly, players light the path for the seedling, overcoming obstacles and avoiding danger from hostile enemies and perilous environments.

The game combines the dark art style and shadowy world of Limbo with the fluid movement and themes of nature and light of Ori and the Blind Forest. It also features the botanic setting and organic player-driven environments of Grow Home, with the addition of environments and enemies that react to the firefly’s light.
Players must balance using their light to reveal obstacles with the need to suppress their light to avoid attracting hostile attention. Players fly, glow,explore, solve, hide and remember their way through each level, deciding when to use their light and guide the sapling, and when to suppress it and hide amongst the shadows.
In a cavern-like underground world, where the firefly is in constant danger of being eaten by natural predators a new plant fights for life. It’s up to you to light the way.
Audience and Platform 
Light My Way aims to be accessible to a wide audience. Players of any sex and of varying ages will find enjoyment in the core concept and setting, especially those who enjoy platformers and environmental puzzle games.
Light My Way will be released on PC, using keyboard or controllers to fly players through the underground space. Controls will be relatively simple movement and interaction to ensure accessibility and ease of use.
The difficulty level of Light My Way will slowly increase over a number of levels, allowing casual game players to ease into the action and enjoy the gameplay. The game will guide player action through tutorial-style early levels that introduce mechanics, enemies and puzzles one at a time, so that players can learn the key concepts before using them in increasingly challenging and creative ways to solve problems.
Light My Way aims to be challenging and rewarding, without being punishing for players, giving them a dark but enjoyable world that rewards continued exploration. Setting out the levels in this way reduces the ‘fear of failure’ and encourages players to continue to explore and take greater risks.

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